Honey Spoon 200 Pieces XL


There are 100 pieces honey spoons in each two boxes, totally there are 200 pieces honey spoons.

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Honey spoon, packed one by one, ready to use Honey Spoon.



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What is Flower Honey Spoon?

Flower honey spoon is a delicious healthy and sweet food. Flower honey spoon 200 pieces XL has price affordable.

Honey spoon is an innovative design and smart solution to store, protect, make honey portable and consume honey anywhere anytime.


pure honey spoon


The quality and 100 percent pureness is the number one  priority for us. We provide natural honey from the high regions of the eastern parts of Anatolian, where it is difficult for human to reach.

The golden-yellow honey is collected from beekeeping  cooperatives by analyzing and packed without touching so that you can get the real taste of a raw honey!

It contains 100% natural flower honey. It is packed according to ISO9001 and ISO22000 standards, untouched by human hands in hygienic conditions. The raw material of the spoon is L34N-00 Polypropylene Impact Copolymer, which is produced from recycled materials in accordance with food codex.

Product Name
C4 Sugar

How to Use Honey Spoon?


How to use honey spoon

Honey spoon 200 is very easy to use. Open the outer package of honey spoon. Remove aluminum foil from honey spoon. And honey spoon is ready to eat. If you would like, you can add it to your coffee or tea, you can add it to your dessert or eat it directly.

Whether in the workplace or in your glove compartment, or just above your gossip table, Pure Honey Spoon is the easiest thing you can carry after your pocket.


Flower Honey Spoon For Tea

Flower honey spoon for tea or honey spoon for coffee? It is designed for both of them. Everybody drinks tea or coffee everyday. Think how many cups do you drink tea and coffee in a day. And you consume sugar with  your all cups beverage. It is not good for human health. Honey spoon is a very good alternative to sugar. Drink your coffee and tea with honey spoon. Do not forgot, Honey spoon is always with you!


Nutrition Facts of Honey Spoon

Nutritionally, 1 honey spoon  (7 grams) contains 21 calories and 5,7 grams of sugar, including fructose, glucose Maltose.

It contains virtually no fiber, fat. It contains trace amounts of protein.


High-quality pure honey contains many important antioxidants which have been linked to reduced risk of heart attacks, strokes and some types of cancer. These include organic acids and phenolic compounds gives honey its antioxidant power.


Flower Honey Spoons Calories

Honey spoon is a very good alternative to sugar. Because, A flower honey spoon  (7 grams) contains 21 calories, carbohydrates, amino acids and vitamin and minerals seen below.

Honey is a natural source of carbohydrates, providing 5,7 grams per honey spoon, which makes it ideal for your brain and working muscles. Since carbohydrates are the primary fuel the body uses, It is necessary to consume honey spoon before study or training which requires high performance, attention and concentration.

Flower Honey Spoon 200 pieces XL


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size Honey Spoon 1 (7 g)
Amount Per Serving
Calories : 21 kcal
Protein : 21 mg
Carbohydrates : 5.7 g
Phosphorus : 0.35 mg
Calcium : 0.35 mg
Sodium : 0.21 mg
Total Fat : 0 g


Important Reminder For Honey Spoon

Flower Honey Spoon is a versatile and wholesome food for older children and adults. Honey Spoon may be introduced into a child’s diet after the age of one, but not before.



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Dimensions 33 × 14 × 19.5 cm


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