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How Bees Make Honey?

How Bees Make Honey? Honey is a delicious food. We can consume this amazing food in breakfast or add a spoon of honey to our tea or milk. But do you know how bees make honey? Probably, we all know the basic concepts behind honey production process. Now, let’s take a deeper look at this process. But before doing that, let’s check the difference between honey bee and wasp. Difference Between Honey Bee and Wasp Main difference between honey bee and wasp is that wasp cannot make honey. However, they might steal honey if they find a suitable hive. Generally, these two are confused since they look the same. But wasps are actually insects that feed on larva. On the other hand, bee honey feeds from pollens of flowers and produced honey. So, it is important to know the difference between these two species. Honey Making Process Since we have learned the difference between wasp and honeybee, we can check honey making process in more details. Honey is produced in… Read MoreHow Bees Make Honey? »