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If I Take Honey Spoon Every Morning, What Will Happen?

We should consume a honey spoon every morning. Because, honey is extremely beneficial food. It is rich in terms of nutrients and it will provide various health benefits. Regular honey consumption is recommended as it is an integral part of healthy diet. One of the most important honey nutrition fact is that this food does not have fat content. Additionally, sugar in this amazing food is natural. 80% of honey sugar content consists of glucose and fructose. So, you can use this delicious food as natural sweetener. Also, compared to one table spoon of sugar, a spoon of honey only has 21 calories. When you want sweets, this food can be a good option. Health Benefits of Honey In addition to honey nutrition values, we will also talk about some important health benefits of this food. This food has high anti-oxidant content. For this reason, if you want to fight harmful free radicals in your body, this food will give you the support you are looking for. Also, if you… Read MoreIf I Take Honey Spoon Every Morning, What Will Happen? »

How to Use Honey Spoon Properly?

How to Use Honey Spoon Properly? Honey is considered as one of the healthiest food out there. Everyone is obsessed with this food and everyone includes this miraculous food in their diet. We are presenting a new and innovative product to carry this miracle anywhere you go. New single use honey spoon will make your life easier. This new product is super easy to use. All you need to do is to break the seal in the middle of the product. To do that, you need to grab the product from the tips with your fingers. You can use both of your hands for this. But once you master how to use this amazing product, you will start to use it with just two of your fingers. Single Use Honey Spoon Since this honey spoon is single use, you are not bound to consume honey at home. You can take this healthy food anywhere you go. If you are feeling a bit sick and want to drink tea with honey… Read MoreHow to Use Honey Spoon Properly? »

Carry the Miracle in Your Pocket with Honey Spoon Turkey

If you have the chance to carry a miracle in your pocket, wouldn’t you use it? Well, you probably would. There is your chance. You can purchase a honey spoon Turkey and enjoy this miraculous food everywhere. Therefore, this amazing spoon shaped honey package offers you to carry a healthy snack anywhere you go. These amazing products are single use honey spoons that contain 7 gram of honey. Furthermore, it is super easy to carry this healthy food with you. Because, all you need to do is open the product that contains honey and add it inside your tea.   Best Honey Spoon Turkey Options There are different honey spoon options. But this product offers an easy usage. This single use product is one of the best Honey spoon Turkey is options. Most noteworthy, honey in this product are collected from Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. Also, honey inside this product is analysed to offer the highest quality. Since there is a great versatility in honey types, Turkey has been… Read MoreCarry the Miracle in Your Pocket with Honey Spoon Turkey »

Why You Should Use Honey Spoon for Tea?

We all know that honey is full of different benefits. Generally, this food is called super food for its health and beauty benefits. So, you should consider using this amazing food anywhere possible. But you will need a honey spoon for tea and other things. These amazing, single use and practical honey spoons will make thing easer for you. Now, you can enjoy your tea with honey anywhere you want. Functional honey spoons have 7 grams of honey per spoon. This also corresponds to daily amount of honey you need to consume. Why You Should Add Honey in Your Tea? Honey is a miracle food and even doctors accept this. You can combine this food with anything you can imagine. Furthermore, tea is one of the easiest way to consume honey. Especially if you love adding sugar in your tea. Honey acts as a natural sweetener. Actually, honey is sweeter than sugar. So, if you want to add sugar in your tea, you might consider honey as an alternative. Sugar… Read MoreWhy You Should Use Honey Spoon for Tea? »

How to Store Honey Spoons?

How to Store Honey Spoons? We all love honey. Even though honey is one of the most healthiest food known, It is one of the rare foods our children love and enjoy consuming. Most of us are using honey spoons to consume this amazing food. These new and innovative product contains ready to consume honey in polypropylene impact copolymer spoon. And also, this polypropylene impact copolymer material is suitable for Turkish and European food codex. For this reason, you can easily consume this amazing product that contains 7 gram of honey per spoon. You can add honey in your tea when you are outside. Also, it is super easy to carry this honey spoon. The polypropylene impact copolymer is durable and will not cause any leakage. For this reason, you don’t need to worry about storing your innovative honey spoon when you are outside. Strong Package Design This new and innovative honey spoons have strong package design. When you carry it around anywhere you go, you will not have any… Read MoreHow to Store Honey Spoons? »

A Honey Spoon A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Of course, we all know that it is an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But honey is an amazing food. So, honey has amazing health benefits. When you consume this super food regularly, you can see the changes in your body. So, let’s look at how you can benefit from honey. We will look at the top three health benefits and beauty benefits of this super food. Health Benefits of Consuming One Honey Spoon a Day First, we will start with health benefits of consuming honey. Honey is an amazing anti-septic. If you have cuts or burn on your skin, you can apply honey and wait for couple of minutes. This amazing food will work like miracle. It is cold out there and most of us are suffering from flu or other diseases. Furthermore, these diseases come with sticking cough. So, you should consume honey corresponding to honey spoon a day to ease your cough. This amazing food is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help your body to fight… Read MoreA Honey Spoon A Day Keeps the Doctor Away »

How to Calculate Each Honey Spoon Calories and Control Your Intake?

Calculating each honey spoon calories can sound challenging. Actually, it is pretty easy. When you are making the calculation, you can consult to a dietitian or nutrition expert. We will also provide how much calorie does a spoon of honey has below. So, check out this value and control you intake accordingly. How Much Calories Does One Spoon of Honey Has? One honey spoon calories correspond to approximately 20 calories. A fully-grown adult needs 2000 calories per day. When we compare these figures, a spoon of honey will correspond to approximately 1% of daily intake. This means, you have plenty of room for other healthier foods. With our product, there is 7 grams of honey per spoon. So, actually this corresponds to daily consumption rate. Nutrition Facts Serving Size Honey Spoon 1 (7 g) Amount Per Serving Calories : 21 kcal Protein : 21 mg Carbohydrates : 5.7 g Phosphorus : 0.35 mg Calcium : 0.35 mg Sodium : 0.21 mg Total Fat Honey Can Help You Lose Weight –… Read MoreHow to Calculate Each Honey Spoon Calories and Control Your Intake? »