What Is A Honey Spoon?


Honey spoon is a practical and easy to use product that contains honey. This product is designed as single use spoon. So, when you use this product, you can toss the food-grade polypropylene case to garbage.

Honey spoon name comes from the shape of the product. In this product, honey is stored in a spoon shaped case. Thus, food grade case provides sufficient protection to honey. This way, you will not experience any spilling or leakage problem when you carry this amazing product with you.

Is Honey Spoon Different Than Normal Honey?

No, it is not. In fact, honey spoon is a practical way to consume honey. This product contains 7 grams of honey per spoon. And also, main advantage of this product is that you can carry it in your pocket or bag. When you want to add honey to your tea while working, you can use this amazing product rather than searching for a jar of honey. Honey in the spoon are best honey in Turkey. Because Honey bee in East Anatolia region of Turkey specially produced this honey. 

Nutritional Value of Honey Spoon

100 grams of honey has approximately 300 calories. So, if we want to calculate honey spoon calories, we need to calculate for 7 grams. One spoon contains 21 calories. In general, 25 grams is the upper limit for consumption. So, you can consume 3 spoons per day. However, you should avoid consuming more than 3 spoons.

How Can You Use Honey Spoon?

You can easily use this product with just two fingers. All you need to do is hold the product between your thumb and middle finger. After that the seal in the middle section of the food-grade case. When you break the case, honey will flow inside your cup. You can add this delicious food in you tea or milk. After using this product, you can toss the empty case as this product is designed for single use.