What is Pine Honey?

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What is pine, honey? Pine Honey is a honey type known as secretory honey. Normal pollen should not be confused with honey because it has very different properties. The benefits of pine honey differ from flower honey.

Honey bees obtain flower honey by ripening the nectar in the flower. But for pine honey, the Basra beetle, which grows on red pine in the South Aegean and Western Mediterranean, is needed. The Basra beetle (Marchalina hellenica) is fed by absorbing the pine’s core water, leaving the increased core water on the tree as a sweet substance. This secretion is ripened by the honey bee and converted into pine honey.

The most important feature of pine honey is that it can be stored for years without disturbing its consistency or freezing . Its color is darker than the flower honey. Glucose and fructose content is lower than flower honey. It is less sweet and leaves no burning sensation in the throat. It contains more enzyme, amino acid, mineral and antioxidants than flower honey. Especially in the content of pine honey, there are much-needed nutritions such as Pinocembrin, pinobaxin, chrisin and galagin. Of these, pinocembrin is an ingredient found only in pine honey. These features in pine honey are special honey features that are not found in any countries forests outside of Greece and Turkey. Approximately 90% of the world’s honey is produced in Turkey.

What Is The Difference Between Pine Honey And Flower Honey?

Sensory properties of pine honey are different from flower honey. Pine honey has a special smell, taste, and color. The production part of the pine honey is obtained by processing the sugared liquid found on the pine trees at certain times by the beetle living in the trees and by the bees. The resulting liquid is treated with enzymes added to it by the honey bees.

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