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How to Calculate Each Honey Spoon Calories and Control Your Intake?

Calculating each honey spoon calories can sound challenging. Actually, it is pretty easy. When you are making the calculation, you can consult to a dietitian or nutrition expert. We will also provide how much calorie does a spoon of honey has below. So, check out this value and control you intake accordingly. How Much Calories Does One Spoon of Honey Has? One honey spoon calories correspond to approximately 20 calories. A fully-grown adult needs 2000 calories per day. When we compare these figures, a spoon of honey will correspond to approximately 1% of daily intake. This means, you have plenty of room for other healthier foods. With our product, there is 7 grams of honey per spoon. So, actually this corresponds to daily consumption rate. Nutrition Facts Serving Size Honey Spoon 1 (7 g) Amount Per Serving Calories : 21 kcal Protein : 21 mg Carbohydrates : 5.7 g Phosphorus : 0.35 mg Calcium : 0.35 mg Sodium : 0.21 mg Total Fat Honey Can Help You Lose Weight –… Read MoreHow to Calculate Each Honey Spoon Calories and Control Your Intake? »

The Nutrition Facts and Benefits of Honey

In addition to being an astonishing natural sweetener, honey spoon has benefits that have gone largely known. For this reason, we decide to write about benefits of honey. For example, honey is a wholesome sore-throat soother, many important antioxidants, a natural energy booster, a wound healer,  a skin moisturizer,  and more. Since ancient times, honey has been used as a medicine. Nutrition Facts of Honey Spoon Researches have shown that honey contains a wide array of minerals, vitamins, amino acids even more. Generally we all know that there are a lot of benefits of honey. First of all, the bees collect sugar which is rich nectar of flowers from their environment. Then, the bees turn nectar to honey for certain period of time. Finally, honey is a liquid that serves as stored food for bees. Consequently, the smell, color, type and taste depend on the types of environment  and flowers visited. Nutritionally, 1 honey spoon  (7 grams) contains 21 calories and 5,7 grams of sugar, including fructose, glucose Maltose. It contains… Read MoreThe Nutrition Facts and Benefits of Honey »